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This project is looking for individuals with DACA across the country who have had their lives significantly impacted by DACA.  We are looking for stories of people who have used their DACA permit to get a job, start a business, go to school, support their family, start new relationships, build something in their communities, or do any number of meaningful things that we could never think up.  We want to feature a diverse set of DACA recipients across a range of professions, geographies, ethnicities, religions, the LGBTQIA spectrum, and gender identities.

The filming of stories would start in late December 2016/early January 2017, and would intermittently continue through at least the first 3-6 months of 2017.

This project is directed by Theo Rigby, who has been working with immigrant communities for over a decade, is currently making a feature documentary film about the Sanctuary movement. Please send any questions you have to Theo at: .
tell your story


If interested in telling your story, fill out the information below and the Waking Dream team will be in touch with you to follow up within one week.

Any information submitted on this form will always remain confidential.



    First Name*


    Tell us a bit about your story. How has DACA effected your life, your family, your community. How did you feel when you first got DACA?*

    If DACA does get repealed, or you aren’t able to renew your permit, how would this effect you?*

    Why do you want to be part of this storytelling project?*

    Have you told your story in the press, in any films, radio, or other form of story before? If so, please include links to the stories in which you were featured

    What going on in your life in the next months that we should know about that could be filmed, are there any life events coming up?

    Where are you located?*

    (City/State format is ideal. A specific street address is not necessary at this point. Ex. San Francisco, CA)

    What are you social media handles?

    (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)

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