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The Waking Dream Impact Campaign is funded by philanthropic entities and individuals that think the conversation around immigration in the U.S. needs to change. Every donation to the campaign brings us one step closer to shifting the debate away from vitriol and division, towards a culture of understanding and love.


If you have a foundation and would like to make a tax-deductible donation, or would like to support the Waking Dream Impact Campaign in other ways, please contact director Theo Rigby at: <!–
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Your donation goes directly to the Waking Dream Impact Team and every bit helps!

Donation Levels:

$5: Good on ya! Any amount helps our team bring Waking Dream to the world!


$25: Support an hour of our social media experts to create and post engaging digital content.


$50: Support the travel for a Waking Dream participant to attend a Q+A at a local screening of the series.


$100: Support our curriculum development team to make educator and facilitator guides for the series.


$250: Support our Impact producers to organize one community screening with strategic partners.


$1000: Support travel expenses and an honorarium for a Waking Dream participant to speak at a non-local screening.