The Sanctuary Movement was born in the 1980’s
when a national network formed by people of faith, took
courageous steps to aid Central Americans fleeing violent civil war.

Today, as immigrant communities come
under attack, the Sanctuary movement is growing once more.

Sanctuary is Currently in Production


SANCTUARY is an hour-long documentary film that interweaves the powerful history of the Sanctuary movement in the 1980’s into the current day struggle for immigrant rights. Today, communities of faith are embracing refugees, providing Sanctuary and challenging an immigration system that is deporting more immigrants than ever before. This evocative and emotional film will ask the burning question: when an immigration system is broken and injustice prevails, are we morally and ethically obliged to aid refugees on our doorstep?

The time is now: Sanctuary today




Rosa’s Story: The 461 day fight




The 1980’s: Lessons from a National movement





Additional Content


Sanctuary: A short history in San Francisco



An exploration of Sanctuary as it played out in San Francisco during the 1980’s.

The Sanctuary Trials



Two perspectives from Sanctuary workers who were arrested and indicted in the famous ‘Sanctuary Trials’ in the 80’s.

Thoughts from a Pastor


Rev. Neal Anderson’s congregation provided protection for an immigrant at risk of deportation in early 2016.