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“Whether considered illegal or illegalized, the empathy evoked by this intimate portrait of a family forced to decide which members go or stay, based not just on citizenship but on age and gender as well, forces viewers to witness a serious problem in America today and to ask why, and what should be done? Sin Pais is a powerful educational tool in my classroom at UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare.”

– Kurt C. Organista, Ph.D. Professor, University of California, Berkeley

Sin País is a documentary that brings a face, a reason, and a new found hope to the topic of immigration, through the struggle of one family with an all too familiar story. Though the Mejía family must take part in the process of deportation, they must also painfully participate in the process of separation. In the tough decision of leaving their two older children behind, the Mejia’s hope to provide them with an opportunity of a better future in their absence. Sin País tackles the much debated issue of immigration with love, justice and compassion through the eyes of those who are most affected and often forgotten. A wonderful documentary to show to students and staff.”

– Minerva Flores, CAMP director at Mendecino Lake Community College

“As a High School Spanish teacher I am always looking for current and relevant material to work with, and two minutes into the movie I knew I had struck gold! Sin Pais tells an extremely moving story that teenagers can relate to. Beyond any political statement Theo Rigby’s documentary reaches its viewers through a real story not unlike many similar ones that could be going on right now just around the corner.


After the screening of the movie at the school the filmmaker graciously agreed on having a Q & A Skype session with my 10th, 11th and 12th graders as well as with the school’s Diversity Club members. It was an enriching experience for all of us.”

– Patricia Levin






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On August 23, 2015

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